The longer I paint, the more I realize that my work is directly inspired by the place I am in and my relationship to that place. I am in love with looking and responding – and am fascinated by the process of understanding my surroundings and myself through painting. As I work, I synthesize the transitory impressions of light in nature and record my emotional response into a painted repository. For me, painting is a responsive and mindful act where the aim is not to copy the world but to find a new reality in each painting. In our era of constant distraction, I try to slow down, look deeply and integrate my physical observations with my interior feelings. 


Windows and their reflections allow me not only to translate the 3D world onto a 2D surface, but also to combine different worlds in one painting, side-by-side: the physical elements of the frame, the interior scene behind the window and the outside world reflected onto the window. When looking at a window from the outside, the inside and outside world compete for visual attention. In my paintings, I merge these competing worlds. They come together in unexpected, sometimes beautiful, sometimes disturbing ways. Interior structures suddenly float into the sky. The landscape is contained within the window frame. My portrait becomes faceless.

I see windows as a painting tool which allows me to work from observation, while simultaneously coming to an abstract interpretation of the inside and outside world. 

The process of creating a window painting is a visual representation of the complexities of our daily lives – where we are responsible to analyze, interpret and come to our own conclusions, and where perspectives and realities from different worlds constantly intertwine.


I am fascinated by the diversity of the landscape of my homeland and how environment both shapes us and we shape it. In particular, I am interested in the ideas of interior versus exterior and altered elements in the landscape, as they reflect the tension between the beauty of our natural environment and the man-made transformation of such beauty.

I paint from observation, on site. I make quiet and personal, sometimes quirky paintings that offer a meditation on my relationship with this place I call home.

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